Degree Regulation Detail

Common regulations governing examinations for Higher Diploma courses in the University of Nairobi, College of Health Sciences shall apply:-


6.1. A candidate shall only be allowed to sit examinations if he/she attended at least two thirds of the prescribed contact hours.


6.2. Course work evaluation shall comprise assignment, end  of semester papers, seminar    presentations and other tests as may be given during the course.


6.3. All course units taken in a given semester shall be examined at the end of the semester and graded independently out of a maximum of 100 points.


6.4. The final written examination shall consist of:-

                - 1x2 hours Multiple choice Questions (MCQ).

                - 1x2 hours Short Essay/Structured Question Paper.

                - 1x1 hour Spot Examinations.

                - 1x1/2 hour clinical Case presentation/Oral


6.5. The final written examination shall account for 70% of the final marks in each course unit while continuous assessment test shall account for 30% of the marks.


6.6. The pass mark shall be 50%


6.7. A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in any unit(s) may, on the recommendation of the board of Examiners and approval of the Senate be allowed to re-sit/retake the failed examinations at the next examination session, a maximum of two (2) times.………………….


6.8. Candidate who fails to sit or for good reason fails to complete and end of semester examination shall be allowed to re-take examination at the next regular examination period.


6.9. Pass mark obtained by re-sitting a course unit shall be recorded only 50%.


6.10. Candidate who fails in the second re-sit examinations or fails to complete the course in prescribed time shall on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners and approval by the Senate be discontinued.

6.11. The grading system for each individual course shall be as follows:-


        A              - 75% - 100%             - Distinction

        B              - 65% - 74%             - Credit

        C              - 50% - 64%              - Pass

        F               - <50%                      - Fail