Vision, Mission & Core Values


The department is committed to provide quality services and be a center of excellence in Diagnostic Imaging, training, research and provision of quality health care.

In order to realize this commitment the department joints the rest of the University of Nairobi to monitor and review its quality performance form time to time through the implementation of effective quality management system based on ISO 9001:2000 standard.


To train specialists in medical imaging, provide quality health care services in imaging, carry out research in current and emerging challenges in medical science.

Core Functions/Values

·       To provide specialized manpower in medical imaging locally, regionally and internationally.

·       To provide high quality and affordable imaging services

·       To instill professional ethics in medical practice and promote team work.

·       To promote research in medical imaging and allied sciences

·       To encourage continued professional education.


.To manage the Departmental resources efficiently.

.To grow the department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Medicine resource base and enhance    productivity.

.To produce quality and holistic graduates in diverse fields.

.To contribute to the development of the society through creation, storage,application and dissemination of knowledge.

.To enhance the competitiveness in image for the Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Medicine.

.To enhance value- adding partnerships and collaborations.


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