Teaching Facilities/venues

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Medicine has state of the art teaching facilities meant to equip learners with all the necessary skills required in this field.

  • Three Lecture theatres at the School of Medicine; one with a capacity of 360 students and the other 240 students each. Each lecture hall is equipped with an LCD projector and two large side plasma screens.
  • Tutorial rooms within the department equipped with LCD projectors and screen
  • KNH radiology department containing various equipment including 128 slice CT scanner (Siemens), 16-slice CT scanner (Philips), 3T MRI unit, (Philips), Angiographic/intervention suite, 9 high definition ultrasound units, digital mammographic unit, 2 fluoroscopic units, 4 routine and 2 digital radiography units,
  • KNH radiotherapy
  • AKUH nuclear medicine unit
  • DIRM- IGU unit containing 4 high definition ultrasound units, 1 fluoroscopy unit, 1 routine radiography unit
  • Kikuyu  Hospital radiology department containing 1 colour ultrasound unit, 1 general purpose radiography unit
  • Departmental physics and photography lab
  • Gertrude’s Hospital radiology department- CT scan, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, general radiography units.
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