Diagnostic ultrasound is one of the modern rapidly advancing diagnostic technologies, which has revolutionalised the practice of medicine in all spheres.Causes for this rapid growth in medical utilization is not only due to rapid technological advancement but also to the non-invasive nature of the examination and non-ionising energy usedin this imaging modality not to mention the lower cost of equipment and running costs compared to other imaging modalities.

Many disease conditions affecting various parts of the body can be imaged effectively by ultrasound.The management of pregnancy has greatly improved Maternal and Neonatal survival rates through improved early diagnosis of pregnancy related diseases by ultrasound.Ultrasound also plays a vital role in interventional procedures to guide therapeutic and diagnostic management.




Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Physical Principles of Diagnostic Ultrasound HDU 001 60hrs 1 1
Cross-Sectional Body Anatomy HDU 002 120hrs 1 1
Basic Scanning Planes, Terminology and Artifacts HDU 003 60hrs 1 1
General Abdominal Ultrasound HDU 004 120hrs 1 1
Obstetrics & Gynaecology HDU 005 120hrs 1 1
Basic Research Methodology and Biostatistics HDU 006 60hrs 1 1
Paediatric Ultrasound HDU 007 120hrs 2 1
Small Organs (Breast, testes, eye, thyroid and parathyroid, salivary glands and musculo-skeletal) – Introduction to Vascular Ultrasound. HDU 008 120hrs 2 1
Rural Rotation Practice in Ultrasound Imaging HDU 009 180hrs 2 1
Project HDU 020 120hrs 2 1