Student Projects in Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Medicine

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2013/2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Whole Body Bone Scans Versus Plain Radiography In Metastatic Breast Disease. Dr. Gatete Grace Nyambura 2013/2014 View Details
A Retrospective Review Of Findings On Post-operative Cranial Ct And Mri Scans At Knh, Nairobi Dr. Akanga Zebedee Luchemo 2013/2014 View Details
Clinical Application Of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy In Diagnosis Of Intracranial Lesions Dr. Wajihi Mufaddal Nuruddin 2013/2014 View Details
Spectrum Of Findings In Hrct Of Thetemporal Bone In Knh And Plaza Imaging Solutions Nairobi Dr. Koima Mae Jepngetich 2013/2014 View Details
Sonographic Findings In Patients With First Trimester Bleeding Dr. Githinji Irene Njeri 2013/2014 View Details
The Spectrum And Distribution Of Imaging Findings At Coronary Ct Angiography In Patients Suspected To Have Coronary Artery Disease. Dr. Omamo Eunice A. 2013/2014 View Details
Utility Of Head Ct Scan In Patients With Chronic Headache And Normal Neurological Examination Dr. Somba Daniel Nthakyo 2013/2014 View Details
Knowledge, Practice And Attitude Of Clinicians Working In Knh On Ionizing Radiation Dr. Gecaga Wendy W. 2013/2014 View Details
The Utility Of Contrast Medium In Abdominal Ct-scan For Diagnosis Of Abdominal Trauma At Knh Dr. Fidens Dusabeyezu 2013/2014 View Details
The Pattern Of Mri Findings Of Pyogenic, Tuberculous And Brucellar Spinal Infections At Knh, Nairobi Dr. Kioria Peter Wanderi 2013/2014 View Details