Latest News & Announcements

Dr. C. Onyambu - Chairman DIRM Receiving ultrasound teaching support materials from Mindray representative Mr. A.Mamati.

The chairperson of the Radiology department Dr Onyambu receiving ultrasound teaching support materials from Mr. Mamati: - a representative from Mindray Ultrasound Division from Central Africa. The teaching materials will be vital tools when demonstrating morphology and physiological procedures of the liver, breast, thyroid (elastography), cardiac and fetal wellbeing. These teaching aids will go along way assisting our radiology residents not only appreciate the technological advances in the field of ultrasound imaging but also understand the process of ultrasound image optimization.

Virtual Reality (VR) goggles training

DIRM residents undergo training on VR goggles that will enhance the collaborative training between Queens University department of Radiology and DIRM. Residents from  DIRM were able to access images and have one-on-one training with Dr Castro from Queens University. Dr Kimani, Dr Mwango and Dr Onyambu were at hand to oversee the process. This is definitely a milestone in the right direction.


FHS staff and students take part in tree planting exercise

Faculty of Health Sciences organized a tree planting day on 31st May, 2023 at the Kenyatta National Hospital Campus.

Various departments took part in the activity that was led by the acting Dean, Prof. Eunice Cheserem.

Prof. Cheserem emphasized on the need to plant more trees to save the planet.